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Moveworks is a tech company that develops AI-powered chatbots that employees at large companies interact with in order to resolve workplace requests.


Moveworks Field Marketing Team





Moveworks' Field Marketing Team launched a series of regional user group conferences. At these events, customers from the same locale can meet and share their best practices for using the product. I was tasked with designing and delivering a logo and sub-brand identity for the new initiative within two days. 


I thought it was important to maintain a certain level of overlap between the Moveworks core brand and its offshoot, Moveworks.local, so I kept the wordmark and simply dropped the triangle icons. 


The idea for ".local" within a circle was inspired by a recent trip to Portugal. I asked my Airbnb host where the "locals" hung out, and she circled some of her favorite spots on a map. I loved how personal it was for someone to circle their favorite spot on a map of their own city, and I wanted to infuse the logo with that idea of personal connection.


Because Moveworks.local brings together people from the same area, I wanted to 'honor' the location by creating specific lockups for each event. 


No tech event is complete without a slide deck (left) and a sleek t-shirt (right), preferably in black. 

Here are the options I considered during exploration. 

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