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F-cking Compost

F-cking Compost is a student project I completed as part of a class assignment. I think it exhibits my ability to draw connections between seemingly disparate ideas and to think creatively, conceptually, and irreverently. 




Composting is badass and cool, but it's never portrayed that way. How, then, will you convince someone who isn't inherently interested in the process, to do it? As a means to counteract the tree-hugging, 'crunchy' stereotype that composting is often associated with, this PSA campaign borrows heavily from the Pop Art and Punk/DIY movements. Pop Art is linked with popular and mass culture, and Punk with anti-establishmentism and upcycling. My goal with this campaign was to suggest how composting is at once rebellious and a habit befit for the masses.   

The silkscreens produced by Andy Warhol, notably his flowers and portraits of Marilyn Monroe, provided the inspiration for Fcking Compost's color palette. I wanted to stray as far from natural and 'earthy' tones as possible. By using a Pop Art-themed palette, I hope to reinforce to the viewer that composting can be a mainstream practice. 

As a child growing up in Iowa, my parents would compost egg shells and lawn clippings in the backyard. When I moved to San Francisco, I was thrilled to see there was municipal composting services. I learned that there is so much more that we can compost than eggshells and clippings. For this project, I wanted to include graphics for compostable items that usually end up in the trash, like coffee grounds, paper food containers and chicken bones. 

Fucking Compost Subway Poster MockUP.jpg
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