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Legends of Employee Experience

Moveworks is a tech company that develops AI-powered chatbots employees at large companies can interact with in order to resolve workplace requests. As a means of positioning itself as a thought leader in the field of employee experience, Moveworks launched a video interview series, Legends of Employee Experience, featuring leaders who are reshaping what it looks like to support their workforce.




Graphic Design

Visual Design


Illustrator, Figma


I developed the brand identity and video graphics for Legends of Employee Experience. The producers wanted the series to feel fresh yet credible in order to attract innovative business leaders ranging from C-level executives to mid-level mangers. Special thanks to Ryan Mix for his motion design and video editing support.


I started the design process by listening to the audio of the first recorded episodes. After getting a sense of the show's vibe, I researched how podcasts branded themselves, ranging from business-focused to true crime shows. I then created word maps in my sketchbook to determine what emotions and thematic directions I wanted Legends of Employee Experience's visual identity to exude. 

Design System

I wanted the series to have a distinct character, yet feel connected to Moveworks. From the get-go, I knew that ncorporating parts of Moveworks' existing brand identity was key, but variation was need.  To this end, I continued to use Moveworks' signature purples as Legends primary colors, but then I made turquoise, a tertiary brand color for Moveworks, an accent color. As for typography, I continued to use Maison Neue Demi as the primary font, but opted for a display typeface that is in the same family, Champion, but that has a different weight, Banterweight. 

Design Iterations

I developed and presented two initial concepts for the producers to review.  

The concept 'Rare Gems' was about demonstrating the a high caliber of Legends' guests. I wanted to convey how the show presents a rare breed of leaders who go above and beyond for their teams. In a world of mediocre managers, Legends shows that there is a rare breed of leaders whose whose tips and tricks are just waiting to be shared.


The concept 'Employee Hero' embodied the notion that Legends' guests and audience are daring, fowardthinking leaders who are ahead of the curve and aren't afraid to try something new when it comes to supporting their workforce. My ultimate goal was to convey boldness and power, like a super hero.


The producers liked the shapes in 'Rare Gems' and the energy of 'Employee Hero,' but felt that the starburst feature of the latter concept was too retro. I went back to the drawing board and developed the final concept, which included the gem elements and sheared type, but that replaced the starburst with radial lines emanating from the center. ​

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