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Bot Avatar Design

Moveworks develops AI-powered chatbots that employees at large companies can interact with to resolve workplace requests. Instead of submitting a ticket to the IT desk, or emailing the HR team to inquire about PTO, employees can chat with their company's bot to get instant answers and resolutions.


Moveworks customers




Every company (customer) that uses Moveworks has their very own bot. My job is to design the avatars for our customers that represent their chatbot on their chat application, usually Slack and Microsoft Teams. The avatars I create align with our customers' brand and desired aesthetic.


I begin the avatar design process by reviewing the customer's creative brief, visual guidelines, and website. By doing so, I'm able to get a feel for what the customer seeks in their avatar, as well as how facets of their current brand can translate into the avatar design. 


After reviewing design requirements for the customer, I explore 2-3 avatar directions and present them to the customer. After 2-4 rounds of revisions, customers select a final direction, which I finalize into files specific to their chat application.

Case Study

Gusto asked me to design an avatar for their chatbot, GeekBot. They shared their brand guidelines with me as well as an image of an avatar they liked. 


Since Gusto's bot is overseen by the IT team and it's named GeekBot, they wanted their avatar to lean heavily into the geek aspect while also looking friendly and on brand. Here are the two initial options I shared. 


Gusto preferred option 1A, but asked me to make some edits. 


Gusto like version 2B. They replaced the logo and asked me to make a full-body version for internal marketing purposes, as well as a head-only version to use in Slack. 

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