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So Simple is a professional home organization business that helps every-day women rediscover joy in their homes through organization. So Simple's mission is to democratize home organization and show that anyone can live in a beautiful space, even if it's not a mansion, and that it doesn't require going full Marie-Kondo to achieve it.   

So Simple Brand
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So Simple's founder, Emily, enlisted me to rebrand her company because she felt that the current identity didn't attract the type of client she wanted to serve, namely working women who are on a budget and who may have thought organizing a house meant color-coordinating the sock drawer and throwing out anything that didn't spark joy. Emily wanted her new brand to be as simple as her home organization philosophy which is about discovering what works for each individual client, rather than applying a strict one-method-fits-all approach. "I want organizing to feel fun, because if it's not fun, then no one's going to do it," Emily said. I developed a brand identity that evokes approachability, simplicity, elegance, and whimsy.  

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