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Glassbrook Vocal Ensemble is a choir near Trenton, New Jersey, composed of semi-professional singers in their 20s-30s. The choir felt that their previous logo did not reflect its members, values, or mission. After a conversation with the founder and artistic director, I felt that Glassbrook's young, open-hearted, and unpretentious vibe, their commitment to pushing choir into the 21st century via compositions from diverse and contemporary musicians, and their excellence, or dedication to achieving a high caliber of singing, distinguished them from other chorale groups. 


The keywords ‘open-hearted,’ ‘modern,’ and ‘excellence’ drove my creative process. I wanted to design a brand identity that felt edgy and relevant and that avoided musical clichés. For my logo design solution, I decided to depict how sound waves emanate from individual singers, bounce off the wall and ceiling of a concert hall, and form a mosaic of sound in the ears of the listener. 

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Glassbrook Vocal Ensemble Type Families.

Throughout this project, I was mindful of Glassbrook's budget and their growing necessity to have a consistent web presence due to COVID-19 impacting their in-person concerts. I decided to limit my typeface selection to Google Fonts because they're free and compatible with most website hosts. I chose two sans serif typefaces to further convey Glassbrook's modern approach to chorale music. I landed on Roboto because of its modern, geometric forms and Lato because of its soft semi-rounded edges that feel friendly and inviting. 

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