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Event Branding

Branding for Moveworks' first-ever hosted event, bringing together customers, prospects, and experts in the AI field.

Moveworks is preparing to host its first-ever conference for customers, prospects, and thought leaders. Attendees will convene to share best practices for implementing and optimizing AI tools in the workspace.

For this seminal project, I wanted to create a brand that conveyed community and a sense of possibility. 

Taking inspiration from the "." in the event name, I wanted to play around with spheres to suggest the idea of worlds colliding, of planets cycling through a harmonious orbit, and of elements floating upwards and forwards.

While the event will take place in November 2023, the images below display the basis of the brand. 


My design process initially began with logo exploration. I really focused on using the logo as a point of departure for the eventual development of the brand. After talking with my creative director though, I realized that I was putting too much focus on the logo. It should be simple. "People don't get excited by a logo," my creative director said. "They get excited by a brand." After hearing that, I realized that the best approach was to keep the logo simple and focus my efforts on developing an eye-catching visual identity. 

Below are some of the logos I presented and the reasons behind my designs.

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