Chicago Filmmakers, a nonprofit organization, provides opportunities for film education and appreciation to all ages and skill levels. I developed a brand system that resonates with a broad art-loving audience and that particularly attracts a younger, emerging cohort of filmmakers. My solution is bright, friendly, accessible yet edgy, and inspired by film. Read more about my inspiration below. 


I researched the history of film and discovered the 3-strip Technicolor process, whereby three strips of film are overlaid to create a vivid, full-color image. Community is an essential component of Chicago Filmmakers. Without a collaborative community, Chicago Filmmakers would cease to be the vibrant organization it is. I wanted to marry this idea of community with a technical aspect of film.  Like the Technicolor film process, Chicago Filmmakers is the sum of its parts. 

Technicolor Diagram-01.jpg
Technicolor Diagram-02.jpg
ChiFilm_Technicolor_Cover Mockup.jpg
Chil Films Posters MockedUp.jpg