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Alicia Walsh is a real estate agent based in Kansas City, MO. After three years in the business, Alicia decided it was time to develop a brand identity that was polished and professional. I talked with Alicia to understand her values and goals, as well as what set her apart from other real estate agents. I learned that Alicia had been a social worker for the past twenty years and brought warmth and emotional intelligence to the job. She expressed how determined she is to make every home-buying and -selling experience stress-free, expedient, and, if possible, fun for her clients. I developed a brand identity that reflected Alicia's down-to-earth professionalism and bold, effervescent personality. Knowing that she would prepare a lot of materials herself in house, I developed a look and feel that is easy to work with and versatile. 


After we identified a logo, we moved onto color selection. Alicia suggested that we find a way to align with the color palette of her brokerage, ReeceNichols. Turquoise is a secondary color of ReeceNichols' brand. I felt that the colored imbued Alicia's brand with a sense of calm and clarity and approachability. To add one more tool to Alicia brand, I suggested using a tagline. We settled on "Let's get you home", which reflects Alicia's team-minded and supportive approach to her clients. 

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