Working with Aim High, a San Francisco-based educational nonprofit that serves middle school students, I designed a logo and visual assets for CONNECTIONS, an annual fundraising campaign. Aim High wanted the campaign visuals to embody their unique teaching and learning philosophy wherein students are at the center of learning, and through this unique framework, students feel empowered to discover and embrace their authentic voices, resulting in strong connections with themselves and subsequently their teachers and peers. The campaign components I designed included a logo, branded letterhead and stationery, a remittance form that included a poem by a student, and digital assets. The campaign helps Aim High raise funds to operate a summer program that is tuition-free for low-income youth.

When I started brainstorming ideas for this project, I thought about how vulnerability, imperfection, and authenticity are integral to creating real connections. Considering that Aim High serves middle school students, I instantly recalled my own adolescence. I thought about the doodles, poems, and random notes I penned on my trapper keeper or in the margins of my notebook. Though these hand-done notes and sketches were far from perfect, yet alone original, they were unabashedly authentic


For my first concept for this project, I hand-drew the logo and the student poem that would be included in the remittance envelope. I wanted to create a visual experience that would evoke the vulnerability and naïveté of a teenager's doodles.  Though these hand drawn images, the audience would feel more deeply connected to the student who wrote this poem, more so than a typed poem would allow.  

I received feedback that the concept was great in theory, but that it lacked flexibility and sophistication. Aim High asked me to develop a new logo concept that reflected their position as a leader in the educational field. For a new concept, I developed a wordmark based off of Aim High's primary typeface, Montserrat. I kept the concept straightforward and played with the literal idea of connections. As for the poem, we decided to keep the it in doodle form to maintain a tangible sense of youthfulness in the campaign.  Below are sketches of the new concept. View the concept presentations I created here (V1) and here (V2).